Because I firmly believe that great communication makes everything easier, I’ve sent out a blog nearly every week since September 2013 to inspire, inform, and advocate for better communication in business and in life.

Over the years, you’ve read how to Start Telling a Story That Serves You and Deliver on Purpose. I’ve shared insights on How Language Defines Leaders, the value of Communication Role Models, and why Sharing Good News is Good for Business.

Today I’m over-the-moon excited to share with you our first online course, The Language of Leadership. This six-week program will make you a better, more effective leader, no matter where you are in your professional journey. We’ll guide you through:

  • Understanding your natural leadership tendencies and how they match up with your organization or industry,
  • Measuring your communication muscles and identifying strengths and areas for optimization,
  • Assessing your organization’s leadership landscape and understanding why that matters,
  • Establishing your own language of leadership goals and objectives,
  • Crafting your personal language of leadership action plan, and
  • Taking action!

Each week, we’ll deliver a fresh batch of customized communications goodness to work through over the week at your own pace including engaging videos and interactive, self-guided lessons. You’ll be part of an online forum where we can address your communication quandaries and we’ve scheduled two live Q & A tele-sessions for the whole cohort to connect in person. In addition, you can add on a single session or four-session series of individualized coaching to really dig deep and level up your communication game.

The first full session begins on Monday, July 30 and runs through Friday, September 7. The full online program is $279. Add in a single, private coaching session for a total of $379 or go all in with four private coaching sessions for $679. Use the pricing links to learn more and sign up.

This course has literally been years in the making. The Language of Leadership started as a talk at a conference, evolved into workshops for professional groups and, thanks to our pilot cohort, was road-tested as an online course in April by professionals from Micron Technologies, Carlisle, Transamerica, HEI Hotels & Resorts, and KPR Advisors. Here’s what a few of them had to say:

“This course … was an excellent, comprehensive look at how we communicate today and how we can express ourselves more effectively as leaders to improve our career success and enjoy our communication with others, instead of feeling frustrated by it or the results. Communication is everything, why would we wing it? It was great to be taught by an expert.”

“Using exercises to assess my organization’s values, lexicon, and heroes was extremely helpful in gaining greater insight into my organization, and using that reference to build on the understanding of my own presence and role within the company was something I had not done before.”

 “I took away a lot of tips and pointers that I began implementing immediately. And I was able to formulate a long term strategy for improving my communication skills. Perhaps the most insightful aspect for me was the work around identifying your company’s values and leaders and then assessing it against your own strengths and goals.”

Take a look at the course description and decide if it’s time for you to learn and leverage your language of leadership. Have questions? Simply email You can also forward this post to any of your colleagues or direct reports that might be a good fit.

Talk to you next week,

Amber D. Nelson



P.S. Next week we’ll be back to business as usual with the Wednesday blogs!


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